Here we aim to showcase all the support we received for realizing world-wide plantation in the form of contributions and give a real time balance sheet. We anticipate the crowd funding to take care of the initial sustenance of the project.

We recognize all the support received for plantation by providing the Individual / Organization / Company's name against the support received. Hyperlink is possible to provide and en-route to your organization's webpage.

Please note, we have not accepted any plantation related support so-far. All the activities were supported by the voluntary contribution of man hours and finances by Anil G, PhD scholar (Sustainable and Responsible Tourism).

Following is the report of achievements and targets against each year:

  • is made as a separate website to reach the Global audience with the theme - "Let Us All Celebrate Plantation as a Festival Annually – During Rainy Seasons – Across The Globe" @ WhatsApp @ +91-94900 69000
  • August witnessed the Journalist's threatening behavior once again.. Who over ride the shooting project lead by me for South African team for selfish reasons. It is observed that, journalist started creating a local and non-local political agenda.
  • Roaming Buddha Plantation Festival could not realize the plantation in proposed destinations due to lack of finances. Proposed crowd funding activity was not successful.
  • Started fighting the implications of the local journalist's political mind who created a social media story which drained energies & polluted few local people who converted to do nothing concrete but stop people doing anything good - Vruksha Ropan Bihu suffered lack of coordination from Assam - Due to Financial burden, I could only restrict to home.
  • Vruksha Ropan Bihu : April 22 (Earth Day) - June 5 (Environment Day) launched on May 1st
  • Plantation institutionalized / eco-system is under development
  • 5200 saplings planted and survived this season (April - June)
  • Anna Dhana (Meal served) for 1000 villagers in community kitchen, Molai Forest, Jorhat
  • Innovative Low Cost Fence Design (Mohan Fence) is made for the use in Bamboo abundant states
  • The Roots - Documentary production assisted
  • Roaming Buddha Plantation Festival was launched in Nalanda, Bihar by Vice Chancellor - Nalanda Mahavihara & Joint Secretary - Ministry of Culture, Government of India Shri Mukund Lal Srivastava with a sapling plantation on August 15, the70th Independence Day
  • Roaming Buddha - Plantation Festival is celebrated by the delegates of International Buddhist Conclave - 2016 on 5 October at VenuVan, Rajgir @ Bihar where 39 Countries have participated in the Plantation Festival including India and planted Buddha belly bamboo saplings in the Bamboo Grove / Venu Van where Buddha himself lived for 14 years of his life. Countries including are Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA & Vietnam.
  • Boondh - Baandh - Bundi Campaign is launched in Rajasthan for the protection of lakes and water bodies inviting public participation in association with Bundi District Administration
  • Jadav's Paris Visit to address at Positive Economy Forum
  • Majuli - The Shrinking Island documentary is produced and released in France & Germany
  • Plant for Planet and Peace (PPP) project is drafted & introduced to district administration in Assam
  • Jadav Payeng website build and made operational to promote plantation projects world-wide
  • The Green Warrior - Documentary on Jadav Payeng is produced, shown to colleges in Telangana

Balance Sheet

INR 20 ,000 (Anil G)
INR 5,000 (Anonymous Car Owner at New Bongaigaon)Community Kitchen supported in Island
INR (-) 15,000
INR 30,000 (Anil G)0Establish VRB / plantation Eco-system in Assam
INR (-) 30,000
INR 50,000 (Anil G)
INR 10,000 (Indians in Paris)
Jadav visited Paris
INR (-) 40,000
INR 20,000 (Anil G)0
WebsiteINR (-) 1,16,000

Monitory Support

 We needed
Not receivedNot received  Public Addressing System
 We neededNot receivedNot receivedMesh Tree Guards @ Rs 300
 We neededNot receivedNot received Name Boards @ Rs 100

In-kind Support

We needed
Not received
 Not receivedCommunity Participation
We needed
Not receivedNot receivedVoluntary Service
May 1, 2016
Naveen Sood & Friends
Cane Craft Industries
4000 Saplings

Detailed Balance Sheet

Annual Renewal
INR 5,000 per annum
INR 20,000Anil G
Website Maintenance
INR 24,000  per annum / INR 2000 per monthINR 96,000
Anil G
Office Expenses
INR 96,000 per Annum / INR 8000 per month
INR 3,84,000
Anil G
Survival & Travel
INR 96,000 per Annum / INR 8000 per monthINR 3,84,000Anil G
 Lose of Salary Pay
INR 6,00,000  per annum / INR 50,000 per monthINR 18,00,000Anil G