It is good to have an appreciation for good people around you, however the appreciation has no meaning if it does not bring a quality change in your mind set and reflect in your actions...!
Plant for Planet and Peace (PPP): a Volun-Tourism initiative  

We are glad to know your interest in Jadav Payeng's initiative. However we want to see the appreciation turned into an action to make mother earth a little more greener with your act of plantation. We call out for the volunteerism and Public, Private, Community's Participation in realizing this dream of climate change mitigation with the simple and noble activity by including: Sapling plantation and Spreading the Good Seeds.

We call this as Plant for Planet Project (PPP), we are currently working on it. Where we have following milestones to achieve:
  • Mapping every empty land / Possible Plantation Sites: Approaching Government / Private people / Villagers to show us the barren lands where reforestation / plantation project can take place

  • Seeking permissions: Approaching the Government / land owners asking for permission to plant. Where the clause is that the owners will not cut the saplings for minimum 3 years of time. We the project people never ask for any land ownership!
  • Identification of plantation possibilities and procedures: At this stage, we study the land quality, climatic conditions, local plant varieties to balance the biodiversity, Plantation lay out plan etc. and prepare a blue print for plantation project. 
  • Motivating and educating people: We along with our learned volunteers will visit Schools / colleges / universities / government offices / residential welfare societies / Factories etc to teach them the importance of plantation for planet protection and encourage them them to do sapling plantation.
  • Hand holding: We not only teach them the importance of plantation but also show them the demarcated public lands available for plantation
  • Invitation for plantation Picnic: We encourage the inspired school / college / university / office / factory / resident welfare groups to plan a day for picnic in the woods which are near by these open lands. Where the woods are not ptesent we provide them with temporary shading tents. Every volunteer will find ample time to eat, learn, play during this picnic trip. Here the clause is that every volunteer has to do their own sapling plantation. Minimum is one sapling, maximum is based on their caliber. This volunteerism supported by tourism will create as a great example of positive tourism where people involved in tourism are responsible contributors to greening the environment.
  • Nurturing the saplings: Against every 500 saplings planted, we plant to have one person employed to look after these saplings
  • Monitoring & Reporting: www.JadavPayeng website will be the tool to know the status of saplings planted. We plan to GPS the coordinates of each sapling and monitor their growth for the next one year minimum till the sapling gets self sufficient. Successful plantation project images will be posted on the website to attract more number of volunteers across India and globe to make it as a global initiative to moot more volunteers and introduce their plantation initiatives to the global community.   
Assumption & Idea generation: over a period of time during our sessions and interactions with schools we realized that every person on this earth has love for plantation and they enjoy the sapling plantation experience. However these institutes and even the common man don't have sufficient place to realize the scope of volunteerism. To minimize these gap areas and translate the interest into actions we designed and implementing the idea. This April our first plantation picnic will take place as the season in Assam in suitable for plantation between April - June. 

Partners invited: We anticipate the nursery supplies, pit digging, employing dedicated care giver for the batch of 500 saplings with salary, clearing the open lands, accommodating and providing food for volunteers, watering plants using water tankers  needs your support which are initial requirements to trigger a green change in the communities for which we wish to work with international organizations to partner with. Please popularize the idea of Plant for Planet Protection (PPP) and help us plantation projects popping over these distant lands.

Share your Good work: If you have been inspired by Jadav Payeng and wanted to do / doing / done the plantation activity in your own area, share your initiative with us with photographs of the team involved, number of saplings planted, seeds spread and with a statement of declaration, we will upload the plantation project details and photos in our website for the world to further inspire.

Be the first School / College / Company / Colony to trigger the initiative... June 5th, WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY is expecting you.