Dear Friends of Nature,

In September 2015, we visited Paris and presented the case of Majuli and the Forest Man's dream for the green world. Subsequently ARTE, a Franco-German TV channel has visited and made 35 minutes of video, Majuli: The Shrinking Island.

This has been broadcasted on November 28, two days before the Paris Climate Change Conference. Hope the world will learn from the experience of the Forest Man and heed his advice for plantation

Here is the ARTE HD video link:

Here is a short video posted on 31st March 2014 in Youtube.

These videos present The Green Warrior - Padma Shri Jadav Payeng. His war is against the barren lands to turn them into green forests. In last 40 years by continued sapling plantation and spreading of seeds, this man created a forest spreading in 1360 acres / 550 hectares in Bramhaputra River Islands of Assam. Yes, he did turn around the river sand bar in to sanctuary known as 'Molai Forest', which now attracts Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers, Deers, Vultures etc. He proves if we wish, we can reforest this globe.

Please share with friends, on your site, help this message of reforestation / plantation for addressing climate change go viral & result in plantation :)

Let us know: 1. Your feedback 2. If you are interested to support the plantation initiatives of Jadav Payeng in India.