Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

 Back Ground  / Significance of this celebration

We are blessed to be part of this wonderful land - Assam. It is truly matchless with its rich biodiversity and soothing ecosystem. Considering the challenging times of Climate Change, we all need to act to conserve this serene ecosystem. 

As per the Forest Survey of India (FSI) reports itself, Assam has lost 3085 of forest in last 28 years. In between 2013 to 2015, it lost 48 of forest. Our average is 110 forest cover loss in an year!! Reasons attributed are Population growth, Large scale encroachments, National High Way construction, Biotic Pressure and Erosion. People in return kill the wildlife entering into their residential areas for food / water and complain of animal menace such as monkey menace..!!

We have our friend Padma Shree Jadav Payeng, who is known as "The Forest Man of India" with indigenous knowledge. He is educating the world about the importance of forests for humans and wildlife. Visiting many colleges across India, he is igniting young minds to biodiversity conservation and plantation.

 What is our request 

We request the people of Assam / concerned citizens of this planet, to come forward - to prove our commitment towards the nature and set a conservation example for the world. Let us join hands to celebrate this "Vruksha Ropan Bihu" - A festival for planting trees and conserving nature.

You can assist your local plantation teams in various forms:

  • Voluntary Labour
  • Providing Saplings
  • Transportation
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Land availability
  • Securing permissions
  • Monetary Assistance
  • Coordinating Activity with team
  • Knowledge Base
  • Media & PR Support
  • Publication Material
  • Snacks & Food supplies
  • Supply of Tokens & Incentives
 What is Briksharopan Bihu? 

Vruksha Ropan bihu is an Eco-Cultural festival for promoting a "Green Assam Initiative". This is to sensitize and mobilize citizens to act for the climate change mitigation along side of Bihu celebrations.

 How this festival to be celebrated? 
Plantation is the easiest climate change mitigation measure where every citizen can participate.

 Why should I / we do it? 
If you can make sense, it is more about realization of self. Human, the intelligent and most protected  beings on this planet called earth, has the most responsibility to think and act for the conservation of this one earth!! We reaped the fruits of the trees planted by our ancestors, now it is our turn to give the saplings for the next generations and also balance the destruction we cause with our modern life style.  Moreover, we create many nature based solutions for the ecosystem to survive..

This plantation will be an example not only for Assam but for India & World. This plantation will grow with you all and expected to return the favors in terms of shade, fruits to your kids / next generation, fuel for the household, fodder for your cattle and creates an ecosystem for the birds and wildlife.

 How this festival is relevant to Bihu? 
This have good enough reasons to celebrate the Vruksha Ropan Bihu between April 22 (Earth Day) to June 5 (Environment Day)

    RelevanceVruksha Ropan BihuRongali Bihu
     Time Wise
     April 22 - June 5
     April 15 - May 15
     Need Wise
     Climate Change Mitigation
     Agriculture Crop
     Purpose Wise
     Plant a Sapling
     Seed Sowing
     Season Wise
     Monsoon Monsoon
     Process Wise
     Gather in the open places
     Gather in the open places
     Approach Wise
     Plantation + Entertainment
 What we are expecting from you? 
We expect your sincere 'PARTICIPATION IN THE PLANTATION'. We invite you all to register with us and let us know what you needed to work with us during this wonderful celebration.

We anticipate each house to participate in this plantation festival and nominate one person minimum to plant five saplings each and commit for guarding and raising plantation as a collective effort to balance the damage caused to the ecosystem.

Please help us make this a successful launch and make "Vruksha Ropan Bihu" - the plantation festival of Assam : April 22 (Earth Day) to June 5 (Environment Day) Inviting volunteers from every district of Assam to join us and lead in your district

 What is stopping us from making a Green Assam / India / Planet? 
Every person on this planet is inclined for sapling plantation. Then why this planet is suffering? Following is few interesting observations / excuses people make for not being successful in doing plantation

  • I want to do sapling plantation, however I do not know where we can get the saplings
  • I will do it morrow (That tomorrow never comes!!)
  • Every thing is fine here (Belief in the status-quo!!)
  • This is not possible (Not ready to take responsibility!!)
  • This is the job of the government / forest department.. (Pushing the responsibility!!)
  • We need not do anything, forest will grow on its own (Believing in the miracles to happen!!)
  • I think we need to discuss on this (Talkers and not doers!!)
  • You should go to... (Only suggester can not make the difference, leads us no where!!)
  • Why you are doing this? Do in your place (Politicize-rs, builds career on opportunities!!)
  • What you getting in this? Who is funding? (Suspicion has no medicine, Money minded!!)
  • My home is full of plants.. (Self centered!! Does not realize the duty - Social Responsibility!!)
  • Its a foolish job (Criticizes to escape the job!!)
  • What is the profit at the end of this job? (Businessman, only believes in Money not )
  • I have saplings, but I do not know where to plant it
  • I have saplings and place, I do not know how to reach there
  • I planted but it did not survive
  • I planted but do not have the fens
  • I can plant but there is no water... etc. the list goes on...
Probably we need some serious coordination efforts to make this one thing called PLANTATION a possibility.

This is a Green Assam Initiative (GAI)

WhatsApp @ +91-9490069000